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We believe that true wealth is lived
at the intersection of health, wealth and purpose.

We believe that true wealth is lived at the intersection of health, wealth and purpose.


Individually Tailored
Wealth Management Services.

Whitwell & Co. is a modern wealth management firm serving business owners, executives, and difference makers coast to coast. We are here, first and foremost, to help make sure you have enough to last and to meet your life goals. We also give clients immediate relief from decision fatigue and choice overload. We are here to save you time, simplify your financial life, and support you through the myriad of choices which arise during planned and unplanned life events and transitions.

Day to day, we are passionate about helping you:

Keep More of What You Earn.

The three biggest roadblocks to building wealth are taxes, crazy spending, and an ineffective investment strategy. We help clients design and implement tax plans to help you keep more of what you make.

Protect What You Have.

We live in a crazy world. Never hurts to protect your hard-earned assets from predictable and unpredictable risks like bad-faith lawsuits. We drive your asset protection strategy with your legal team, CPA and estate planning attorney, so that everyone is aligned and working in harmony.

Put Your Assets to Work.

The two biggest assets you have are human capital and financial capital. We believe it is important to invest in both. We help clients gain access to private investments and unconventional investment strategies to help them meet their goals.

Align With Your Purpose.

We actively look for ways to free up your time from menial financial tasks, so you can be more focused on living a life you love and spending time on activities that are fun and deeply meaningful to you.

Serving Clients Coast to Coast

  • Licensed In Every State
    (HQ Is Austin, Texas)

  • A Tech Savvy Team Who Has Your Back.

  • We Serve You At The Pace And Level of Your Needs.

  • Expertise-Based Client Teams = Geographic Freedom For You


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