Has anyone ever taken the time to explain to you how much

taxes can impact your goal of financial freedom and security 

regardless of your wealth or age?

In Whitwell & Co., we see tax planning as having three parts:

(i) Maximizing your wealth and tax-free cash flow

(ii) Doing so using powerful but simple IRS approved techniques, that then also allow you to

(iii) Protecting your sleep and ours: we do not do last-minute tax planning (it is stressful, expensive and inherently risky) and we strongly discourage clients from participating in "too good to be true" tax schemes. Those structures bank on greed and have significantly bigger audit risk; and audit defense can be expensive both financially and in terms of hair count.

Want Financial Freedom?

The key to building tax-free cash flow starts with a plan which specifies the right types of investments that are then situated inside the correct type of tax-advantaged investment accounts (including one many people do not even know exists) and integrates those investments, if necessary, with individually tailored insurance contracts to protect you and your estate and maximize your cash flow.

Are you happy with your current tax plan?

Let's arrange a call and talk tax-planning.