While you focus on your corporate OKRs and earnings targets,

are you also doing a great job managing your own finances?

While you focus on your corporate OKRs and earnings targets, are you also doing a great job managing your own finances?

I need an experienced advisor to proactively manage my money and bring to my attention when things need to get done or need my signature. I don't want my personal finances getting left by the wayside given how busy life is these days.

We hear this often from senior executive clients.

Successful executives have a lot to juggle: corporate OKRs, earnings targets, turnover on their team, competitors poaching clients, preparation for board meetings, shifts in work patterns, and the delicate nature of a whole host of social issues (e.g., DEI, ESG, and identity related issues) which take more time to manage than ever before.

Moreover, executives juggle ever changing family demands which can also be challenging — needing time for their spouses, children, siblings and their parents (especially as they age).

The one thing successful executives do not have is free time (or not much anyway).

This makes managing your own finances near impossible even though you did it the first decade or two of your career.

On top of that, corporate comp packages have become more complex over the years and some components of comp plans require periodic decisions. Same with stock options and corporate share purchase programs. When should you exercise the options? Where should you hold those options? Should you continue to hold your shares or should you systematically sell some so you are not over exposing your net worth to just one company and sector?

Lastly, the more you make, the more you pay in taxes. And as you may recall, taxes are set to increase substantially at the end of 2025.

If you want an expert team to watch your back and proactively help you manage and build your wealth while you are battling it out in corporate America, we’re your team. We will build a tax plan for you, help you execute it, keep a close eye on your corporate comp plans, and make sure your money is working as hard for you as you are for it.

Our goal is to give you some peace of mind knowing your finances are being looked after even when you are too busy to lift a finger. We will also take some of the minutiae and repetitive tasks off your plate to free up your time so you can spend that time doing something you love.


Can you do it all yourself?