Building a business is difficult.

Business owners face a myriad of challenges,

such as high taxes, the perpetual task of finding and keeping the right employees, the exhausting process of fundraising, thorny social issues, soaring health care costs, pandemics, and rapidly changing technology. Tax planning is an essential part of being a successful business owner and central to how we help our owner clients.

Question For You:

Question For You:

While you are busy putting out fires and taking care of everybody else’s needs (your shareholders, your employees, your vendors, your clients, your family), who is busy watching your back, taking care of you and finding ways to make your life easier?

That’s what we do. And we’d love to do that for you. At a high level, we help our business owners in four ways:


Keep More of What You Earn.

The three biggest things that get in the way of building wealth are taxes, excessive spending, and poorly thought-out investments. We help you manage all three. You might ask yourself: would you feel good paying 2-10x more in taxes than is actually necessary, over the next three or four decades, due to the lack of tax planning?


We Help You Protect Your Assets.

Asset protection. Self-explanatory. We live in a crazy world. Never hurts to protect your hard-earned assets from predictable and unpredictable risks, unplanned economic downturns, lawsuits, or greedy weirdos. Although we do not draft documents (we leave that to the lawyers), we drive the strategy and serve as the head coach, ensuring your legal, tax and estate planning teams are all working in harmony.


We Help You Grow Your Assets.

The two biggest assets you have are financial capital and human capital. We encourage you to actively invest in both. We manage publicly traded ETF portfolios and for clients who with sufficient levels of wealth, we curate private investments and alternative investments and provide the multi-faceted operational support those require. We help you gain access to investments you would not otherwise be able to and vet potential investments that you might find and bring to us. With the risk of inflation and given that the rate of social and technological change is accelerating, we do not believe it is safe to buy and blindly hold investments, since the world can change quickly. We believe portfolios must be managed daily with informed agility and a forward-looking focus.


We Free Up Your Time.

The closer we work together, the more we can find ways to take things off your plate and make your life easier. We like to find ways to free up your time, so you can live a life you love and dig deeper into your purpose and your purpose enriching relationships.

Additional Areas of Business-owner Expertise:

Exit planning / business succession

Key man insurance

Advising on corporate funding strategies

Corporate tax planning (defined benefit plans and cash balance plans)

Due diligence (background checks, social media checks) on potential partners

Bottom up impact philanthropy


As a thriving business owner, your time is valuable.