Kristina Whitwell

Social Media Manager

Kristina serves as Social Media Manager of Whitwell & Co., LLC. 

As Social Media Manager, Kristina is responsible for community engagement and the communication of brand values and educational content on the Firm’s social channels. In this role, she faces the challenge of explaining the importance of these channels (and how they work) to others on the team who grew up when yellow pages and cassette tapes were a thing!

Kristina also plays an integral role in the Firm’s digital media and marketing campaigns.

It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that Kristina was raised by wolves, having been nurtured and looked after from her earliest days by her family’s loving and playful (and protective) german shepherds. Kristina’s family life is rounded out by her parents and her three siblings.

Kristina grew up in Austin, Texas but now resides in Boston, where she attends the Honors Program at Northeastern University. At Northeastern, Kristina studies International Business with a focus on Marketing.