Head of Family Protection Services


Although Hallie lives in Austin, Texas, her parents both hail from Germany, which is fitting given that she is a pure-bred German Shepherd. Aside from her security duties, Hallie is also a part-time banking analyst who has a particular knack for sniffing out nonsense and voices her opinions on our Wicked Smaht Wealth podcast alongside Stefan. In her spare time, Hallie enjoys fetching tennis balls, playing soccer, going on trail hikes, eating and swimming in any body of water she can find, whether intended for swimming or not. Because of her affectionate nature, Hallie is often confused for being a love-pig, but make no mistake -- if you are outside of her circle of trust (Meet the Fokkers reference) and don't pass the smell test, well, then you better have your running shoes on! Although Hallie is no longer a puppy, for purposes of vanity she preferred that one of her younger pictures be used to obscure her actual age.