About time to think about Social Security and Medicare?

Government programs are super complex,

involve a lot of choices, and are confusing and overwhelming (choice overload).

Do you have questions such as:

What will my Social Security benefit be?

When should I start taking social security?

Which Medicare plan and supplement are right for me?

We can help you figure it out.

What your optimal Social Security strategy should be, how your Social Security benefits will be taxed, how Medicare premiums are impacted by your income, and the difference between traditional and Medicare Advantage plans…

When you should start claiming Social Security can depend on your individual circumstances. First, you should know your benefits. We can help you understand them, look at your whole financial plan, and recommend a way to optimize your benefits. This is a key part of retirement planning, along with navigating all the choices you must make with Medicare.

Healthcare costs have historically risen faster than other expenses. Now, with inflation in all categories, healthcare costs are an even bigger concern among retirees. And premiums are a big part of that. It's tempting to chase after the lowest premium, but there's more to consider!

We can help you learn about your Medicare options, supplement plans, and the annual enrollment period to ensure you are making the right decision for you.


Get help navigating the convoluted maze today.