Protects your loved ones if your life is unexpectedly cut short.

Tax-free Insurance Proceeds

help ensure your dependents and heirs will have the financial resources they need.

According to an old insurance adage, "There are only two reasons to get insurance: either you love someone or you hate the IRS.” This witty axiom points out the fact that insurance is an important tool in the tax planning tool chest and one wealthy individuals have used for decades to grow their wealth, reduce risk and generate cash flow without paying any taxes on that cash flow during one's lifetime (if done correctly).

What most people do not realize is that life insurance is not a product you just pick up off the shelf and purchase (many salespeople operate like that, but you will likely have a mediocre outcome and overpay for what you are getting). In reality, life insurance is a powerful tool which can be customized around your specific needs and goals.

The insurance industry is dynamic and is constantly innovating new policies to offer improved benefits. A perfect example of that is how insurance companies have now started providing powerful solutions for funding Long-Term-Care, which I believe are far better suited for future potential needs than traditional LTC Insurance.

Every contract I write is individually tailored to fit your specific needs. In addition, I price and feature-shop different carriers and policies to help make sure you are getting the best value for your money and exactly what you need.


Do you have the right type and right amount of life insurance?

Disclaimer: We may discuss insurance as part of our financial planning process. Whitwell & Co., LLC has one or more advisors who are insurance licensed, who serve clients in an individual capacity, not in their role as an advisor. This dual role may generate the benefit of convenience for clients but may also represent a potential conflict of interest. Whitwell & Co. advisors make every effort to act in the best interest of the client, especially when commissionable products are involved. Insurance Services provided by a network of licensed providers.