When clients join Whitwell & Co.,

we walk through the planning process together, one step at a time.

We answer all of your financial questions. We give you access to a state of the art dashboard, so you can see all of your assets in one place on any device. And we also use e-signing for a faster and easier onboarding experience which also saves trees.

Join the The Planning Club™ today for fee-only-planning or automatically qualify for a number of included planning hours when you become an investment management client with a minimum account size of $1,000,000.

When you can see all your assets in one place, you can analyze the financial pros and cons of different life path scenarios. Together we can also figure out the right strategy for you for social security and RMD withdrawals. The goal is to relieve you from the heaviness of all the details, free you from choice fatigue, and help you identify a path for your future that fits your needs, feels right, and aligns with your values.


Join The Planning Club today.