With the stock market moving up and down more than ever, we feel

Regular communication around investing and the markets’ behavior

is especially important.

To facilitate an open and regular dialogue around the markets and investing, we host an invite-only monthly update call for clients and select guests.

These update calls are a short and lively 30 minutes, and are structured as follows:

15-minute overview which answers three basic questions:


What happened last month?
How did it affect you?
What are we doing about it?
We also create and share a single chart (our “Chart of the Month”) which helps visualize an important data point or a key distinction which gives clients more insight into the economy or the markets. The last 15 minutes are open Q&A to ensure your questions are answered and to create a two-way conversation rather than a one-way presentation. We like the interaction and keep the call high-energy, productive and on time.


If you would like to be invited to the call, let us know.

Before we can determine what types of investments might help you meet your goals and whether they are appropriate for you, we first need to get to know you. Let’s have a more in-depth conversation around your investment needs and identify what level of risk and types of investments best suit your objectives. You can set up a meeting to discuss investing with us by CLICKING HERE.