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Insurance is a powerful tool. But only if you get the right amount and the right kind.

Insurance is a powerful tool. But only if you get the right amount and the right kind.

The Problem:

too often clients just get whatever the insurance salesperson told them to get. Years later, they have no idea why they bought the specific amount that they did.

Along the same lines, insurance is one of those things where the details of how your specific policy works can make all the difference in the world (those details are outlined in “Riders” that are typically found towards the back of the insurance policy and contain a lot of fine print written by lawyers, which is why most people never read them.

Since blind faith is not a legit strategy, we conduct a thorough review of your insurance, we help make sure that you understand what you have and what you do not have – and we also help you calculate whether you have too much or too little. We have found a number of situations where clients were paying for some type of insurance that they did not need.

The other way we help clients save money is by helping them renegotiate their insurance policies – and often this results in significant savings. Insurance companies will almost never proactively reduce your fees on their own – why should they? This is why we help clients do this – and help see to it that they are not leaving money on the table.

When we do our insurance reviews, we examine all the different types of insurance that you have or that are widely used in the marketplace, including life insurance, health insurance, property and casualty, disability, long term care and liability umbrella policies.

Do you have any insurance related questions or needs right now?

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We may discuss insurance as part of our financial planning process. Whitwell & Co., LLC has one or more advisors who are insurance licensed, who serve clients in an individual capacity, not in their role as an advisor. This dual role may generate the benefit of convenience for clients but may also represent a potential conflict of interest. Whitwell & Co. advisors make every effort to act in the best interest of the client, especially when commissionable products are involved.